How to reverse Bank Account Statement Lines in Dynamics NAV

by Jaromír Chaloupka — November 7, 2018

An easy recipe how to reverse posted Bank Account Statement Lines in Dynamics NAV.

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Yesterday I received a request from the customer how to reverse posted Bank Account Statement Lines. He did some mistake when he posted Bank Account Reconciliation, gave me Bank Account No. and Statement No. in order to open closed Bank Account Ledger Entries and reverse Bank Statement Lines.

In order to do that you have to check the following points:

Modify Bank Account Ledger Entries (Table 271)

  • Change value for Open field from No to Yes
  • Change value for Statement Status field from Closed to Bank Acc. Entry Applied
  • Change value for Remaining Amount field from 0 to the respective value (based on Amount value)

Reverse Bank Account Statement

  • Transfer record from Bank Account Statement (Table 275) to Bank Account Reconciliation (Table 273)
  • Delete record in Bank Account Statement

Reverse Bank Account Statement Lines

  • Transfer records from Bank Account Statement Line (Table 276) to Bank Account Reconciliation Line (Table 274)
  • Delete records in Bank Account Statement Line

Update Bank Account (Table 270)

  • Update value for Balance Last Statement field
  • Change / clear value for Last Statement No. field

I created an easy processing only report which execute all the mentioned points above. You can download example of How to reverse Bank Account Statement Lines in Dynamics NAV from the link mentioned below.

Bank Account Statement


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