Kill sessions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

by Jaromír Chaloupka — January 11, 2018

A very nice programming feature how to kill Microsoft Dynamics NAV sessions from Session List.

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Thanks Olof Simren for sharing a very nice feature How to kill Dynamics NAV session. As you probably know it was very easy to kill session in older version of Dynamics NAV (<= 2009). You could open Database Sessions via File – Database – Information and simply delete the selected session line.

Unfortunately this is not possible in a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV but you can still achieve it by adding a new action called Kill Session to a ribbon in Page 9506 Session List.

Kill session in Dynamics NAV

The code behind Kill Session action is very simple and contains only the following two lines.

Kill session in Dynamics NAV

Text constant Text001 could be any confirmation message like "Do you want to kill the selected session?". You can download example of How to kill Dynamics NAV session from the link mentioned below.

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