User Experience in Business Central

by Jaromír Chaloupka — August 26, 2021

See how Essential and Premium User Experience could be enabled and what it means for UI and Application Area in Business Central.

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Today I was facing very strange issue. I installed two Business Central instances on my local Docker environment. One BC via using artifact of type OnPrem and second one via using artifact of type Sandbox.

Then I wanted to open Production BOM page on both environments. It was working fine on OnPrem environment but I was not able to see and open Production BOM page in Sandbox environment. Very strange, I said. I checked license, permission, roles, etc. and everything was the same in both environments.

After few minutes I figured it out. It seems that OnPrem and Sandbox installations have different setup in Company Location table for User Experience field. For OnPrem installation I had User Experience = Premium, but for Sandbox environment I had User Experience = Essential. If you want to check it in more details you can visit Choosing the User Experience to Show or Hide Advanced Features link.

Essential shows all actions and fields for all common business functionality and Premium shows all actions and fields for all business functionality, including Manufacturing and Service Management. And that was the reason why I didn't see Production BOM page as it's marked as ApplicationArea = Manufacturing in source AL code.

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